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The Design in Full bundle is FULL of everything you need to create beautiful, captivating designs in Canva. Master the formulas for Canva, so you can go from beginner to expert, and create sleek, custom designs for your brand or clients. 

The Design in Full Bundle includes: 

  • Design Like Me Canva Masterclass
  • “That’s so Canva” Crash Course 
  • “Cash Out with Canva” Bootcamp 
  • "Catch Me If You Can Canva Design Class
  • Build A Brand E-book
  • How To Recreate A Flyer E-book
  • Canva Cheatcode Survival Guide
  • Ultimate Resource Guide
  • Cash out with canva deluxe e-book
  • Digital Download Templates

“Design Like Me” Canva Masterclass

It’s time to go from amateur designer to PRO in Canva. You have the foundational knowledge of the basics, now you're ready to conquer ALL of the resources Canva has to offer. Our Design Like Me Masterclass provides you with the best design tips to help you elevate your skills and bring in sales using Canva. 

Get ready to learn: 

  • The key principles of designs
  • Tips and Tricks to improve the quality of your designs,
  • The real mindset behind designing in Canva
  • How to properly search elements
  • Strategies to help you to utilize and recognize design principles in design 
  • Our popular LIVE flyer recreation… AND MORE! 

Plus, receive a FREE Build A Brand ebook with your investment and PDF copy of the presentation!*

*You will receive a pdf download after your purchase that will direct you to your files

“That's SO Canva” Crash Course

Bring your content visions to life!

 “That's So Canva” Crash Course is a comprehensive webinar designed just for YOU!  Created to make it  EASY to get started… this crash course gives you full access to learn how to create bomb content for your brand or your clients. In addition to learning how to navigate the platform and set up your Canva Team, our 3 HOUR webinar replay teaches you how to: 

  • Setup your Brand Kit 
  • Create engaging/ interactive content
  • Create educational content using carousels
  • Create shareable content using giphys, 
  • Create realistic mockups for social media
  • Create branded templates
  • Turn a design into a template…and more.

Plus, you get: 

  • 30 Day Content Plan over 50+ content ideas
  • How To Recreate A Flyer E- Guide
  • Canva Cheat Code Survival Guide E- Book- with over 100 element keywords 

This is perfect for you if:

  1. You struggle to create original and creative content
  2. You are a New or Aspiring Business entrepreneur  looking to jumpstart your content
  3. You are an existing business owner or content creator looking to elevate your content skills
  4. Social Media Managers looking to increase and improve their content creation skills
  5. Solopreneurs who want to develop their design + content abilities.

It’s time to leverage Canva so you can unleash your visions, save $$ and boost your confidence when it comes to creating content!

“Cash out with Canva” Bootcamp

Convert Canva into Coins! This is for the designers ready to leverage canva, and turn a hobby into an extra source of income. Our 3 day bootcamp gives you a detailed blueprint on making money with Canva. With over 6 hours of step by step instruction and breakdowns, this bootcamp offers you plenty of gems so you can bring in additional income with Canva

Our 3 day comprehensive Bootcamp is jam packed with tools and resources :

Day 1:

  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Establishing your Design Identity 
  • Determining your Niche 

Day 2: 

  • How To Set - Up Your Shopify Store / Etsy store 
  • The best Apps to use, and How They Work
  • Ways To Leverage Canva 
  • Unique Store customization 

Day 3:

  • Building  Your Email List
  • Building + Distributing Your Lead Magnet
  • Strategies to position Yourself For Success

 In addition to the Recording, This bundle includes even MORE! 

  • “Cash out With Canva” Deluxe E-book*
  • Ultimate Resource Guide
  • Digital Download Distribution Templates



“Catch Me If You Can” Canva Design 

An  A-Z process to bring your designs to life in Canva and capture your audience's attention! 

Our Canva Design Class guides you through creating 3 different graphics. Together, we will go through step by step instructions on how to create beautiful visual  graphics in Canva!

This class is perfect for the creative:  

  • Having difficulty creating graphics that POP
  • Ready to learn how to create graphics that you can’t tell were made in canva 
  • Excited to learn canva tips + tricks and more!


  • WOW!

    You are phenomenal at
    what you do. It's your breakdown for me
    though. Thank you @imaniunleashed because I
    felt lost about how to be creative but after the
    live and watching the replay, I salute you. You
    got this hon. Continue to educate and navigate


    Imani! I wasn’t able to tell you this earlier but I absolutely loved your canva webinar and I learned sooo much, like I literally have pages of notes and I practiced Everything that you showed us! That webinar alone has already put more money in my pocket and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Happy New Year sis! And I hope you reap Double blessings this year ✨

  • I'm so happy with my purchase!

    Imani is the best in what she does! I absolutely love her dedication and her strive when it comes to anything she puts her name on. She is a very hard worker and very dedicated to what she does. She is a beautiful individual who inspires many women around her! Keep doing you sis, you are changing the world more than you know!

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