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Cash Out With Canva 3 Day Bootcamp

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Are you ready to learn how to start making some additional income with canva? In this 3 day bootcamp I will be showing you all there is to know about making money with canva. This bootcamp is full of over 6+ Hours of step by step breakdown of gems! 

I have been able to leverage canva to make 4 figures a week. Everything that you learn in this bootcamp I have personally done in order to successfully make money with canva. If you are looking to monetize your canva skills this is the bootcamp for you! 

In this bootcamp you will learn the following:

Day 1:

  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Identifying What Type Of Designer You Are
  • Finding A Niche To Serve

Day 2: 

  • How To Set - Up Your Shopify Store / Etsy store 
  • What Apps I Use + How They Work
  • Ways To Leverage Canva 
  •  Store customization 

Day 3:

  • How To Build Your Email List
  • Building + Distributing Your Lead Magnet
  • How To Position Yourself For Success


Includes The Following In Addition To The Recording:

  • Cash out With Canva Deluxe E-book
  • Ultimate Resource Guide
  • Digital Download Distribution Templates
  • WOW!

    You are phenomenal at
    what you do. It's your breakdown for me
    though. Thank you @imaniunleashed because I
    felt lost about how to be creative but after the
    live and watching the replay, I salute you. You
    got this hon. Continue to educate and navigate


    Imani! I wasn’t able to tell you this earlier but I absolutely loved your canva webinar and I learned sooo much, like I literally have pages of notes and I practiced Everything that you showed us! That webinar alone has already put more money in my pocket and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Happy New Year sis! And I hope you reap Double blessings this year ✨

  • I'm so happy with my purchase!

    Imani is the best in what she does! I absolutely love her dedication and her strive when it comes to anything she puts her name on. She is a very hard worker and very dedicated to what she does. She is a beautiful individual who inspires many women around her! Keep doing you sis, you are changing the world more than you know!

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