Which Canva Subscription Should You Choose? : Canva Free Vs Canva Pro

Canva basic or Canva Pro , what’s the big deal anyway? Tons of people have this same thought on a daily basis. Some people may not even know what Canva is so let’s start there. Canva is a design platform that utilizes a drag and drop model. This drag and drop model makes it easy for individuals and entrepreneurs to create things from business cards, flyers, digital e-books, and so much more. Canva offers thousands of templates, so even a person with no knowledge of design at all can get on there and customize them to fit their brand/ business. Not only that Canva is equipped with many app integrations to make importing, exporting, and altering your designs that much easier.

Canva does provide a free and a paid plan for users to choose from. So now to address the million dollar questions. What’s the difference and which one should you choose? Let’s begin with what you have access to when you create a free canva account. Your free account grants you access to 250,000+ templates, 100+ design types, hundreds of free photos and graphics and more. You are also able to invite members to your team to be able to collaborate in real time. The storage capacity of your free account however is limited to 5GB, so you have to be aware of clearing out old designs and photos that are no longer needed. With your free account you do not get to create a brand kit, which is used to help establish your brand’s identity and keep all your brand elements in one place to increase productivity and save time. 

Now you might be thinking, “ well wow that is a lot of things you get access to I can make it work”. That very well may be true if you are looking to just get on there and create some quick , simple , cool designs. However make note that you will be limited in the resources and tools you will be able to utilize. 

Canva’s paid subscription gives you the option to pay a monthly fee of $12.99 or an yearly fee of $119.99. The pro version gives you access to everything the free account offers plus more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating with canva pro with over 100+ million premium stock photos,videos, audio and graphics. You are also given access to over 610,000+ premium templates opposed to the 250,000 that come with the free version.  If you think that’s impressive there’s more!

Need to delete the background from a photo? No problem! Remove backgrounds with ease with canva’s background remover included with your pro account. Another great feature that comes with your pro subscription is the magic resize tool and the content calendar. The magic resize tool allows you to resize designs with a click of a button. This comes in handy when you are repurposing content, so that you save the trouble of having to copy and transfer everything to a new design. Turn your feed post into story post and your story post into feed post.

Canva’s content calendar is also a lifesaver when it comes to planning and scheduling your content. You can plan , create and then schedule over 8 social media platforms!

Canva Pro has so much to offer and is definitely a great investment if you are serious about taking your brand to the next level. Outside of it’s easy drag and drop model , canva supplies a ton of learning resources to help you get started as well. So if you’re on the fence on whether or not you should get the free account of the pro account, ask yourself what is it you truly need canva for and how can you benefit from leveraging the features of both the free account and the pro account. I recommend all entrepreneurs aspiring, new, and established to leverage canva in their business. It is truly a game changer.